10 Best Bra Brands in India for 2021

Almost every woman in the world wishes to look attractive and unique.

 Yes or no?

Definitely yes!

And if you are one of them, you need to know about the different bras that can provide you with the perfect shape of your body and support. If you want to look beautiful in every dress, you need to take the time to choose a bra from a renowned brand.

A bra is an important piece of clothing in a woman’s life. Getting a perfect bra is much more important for women than other things. Every woman wants to be in proper shape and healthy breasts for her whole life. In order to fulfill this dream, it is important to choose the best bra.

There are various styles of bras that can suit your dresses for different occasions. Apart from style, these are also available in different colors, prices, quality, fabric, print, etc. 

Bras are also available in different brands such as jockey, Calvin Klein, and others. Different people prefer different brands as per their requirements.

Before choosing a good bra, it is suggested that you should search for the best brands for your needs.

In this blog, we will explore the best bra brands in India along with their uniqueness. By checking for the various brands can help you in choosing a perfect fit for you. Have a look at the below bra brands so that your dreams can come true.

10 Best Bra Brands In India for 2021

Gracewell- Gracewell brand in India is a leading and renowned brand, and you should try this. The Gracewell bras are very comfortable and give you a perfect look. You can shop every type of Bra from here such as t-shirt bra, padded bra, sports bra, fancy items etc. 

The exciting thing is they offer discounts on lingeries from time to time. So, you can wait for the right time and make a better choice. In addition, they always update the customers with new arrivals or trendy items.

Jockey- Jockey is the first brand that introduced sports bras worldwide. It is an all-time market leader that provides the best services in innerwear for both men and women. In India, Bangalore is the site to manufacture jokey brands products. This brand considers the needs of athletes, sportsmen, women, and children. It offers a high degree of comfort and quality to the customers.

It serves numerous styles to satisfy the desire of a woman. If you prefer comfort in your life, the jockey is there to assist you. So whether you are looking for a sports bra or a soft cotton bra for daily wear, the jockey can be the best option for you.

Clovia- This brand is also one of the best brands in India that cater to the comfort and quality of its customers. It considers the demand of all body types in India. So if you want to look sexy the whole day, you can go for this stylish bra. 

Search for the different Clovia bras and choose your type. Clovia is a worldwide famous brand and supplies its products across various nations. You can consider it as a combo of style and comfort. It feels like your second skin when you wear these bras because of their fitting and comfort.

Zivame- It is the substitute for various top bra brands in the market. It offers a great comfort level at reasonable prices. It provides luminousness and generosity to its customers. Although it considers the desires of all body types, it provides a plus-size bra and is good for curvier ladies. 

The Zivame brand is trying to make the look of women perfect, and it instills confidence, comfort in the customers.

This brand was established in 2013. Zivame spread its products in various countries. It covers the collection from lingerie to soft innerwear.

Calvin Klein- If i am not wrong, almost everyone is familiar with the name Calvin Klein. It is one of the renowned luxury brands in India. It is recognized as the fashion house of lifestyle accessories, home furnishings, jewelry, toiletries, and watches.

 Calvin Klein offers the updated styles of the products. This brand focuses on the comfort and quality of the products. Calvin Klein has all the items with the latest designs, whether you are looking for a padded bra or a strapless bra.

This brand is known on the national and international levels. So when you are confused about which brand you should follow for your cure expectations, Calvin Klein is a perfect fit for you. In addition, you can get other items from this brand.

Shyaway-The lingerie items of this brand are designed uniquely to provide care and comfort to the wearer. This is a recognized brand in India because it gives individual attention to its customers and takes care of their requirements. Shyaway provides exclusive, high-quality, and affordable bras to women. So whether it is an occasion or a normal day, you can get all suitable items to enjoy your day.

Lovable-Lovable is one of the best bra brands in India. A Lovable trading company, USA provided the license to  lovable brands. It satisfies the needs of workout freaks and sportspeople by providing them daily wear bras. 

Hence, if a woman is seeking a comfortable and light bra, this brand offers you such bra items. It manufactures high-quality and stylish bras. It is counted in the top 3 bra brands of India.

Rosaline-Rosaline brand considers the requirements of modern age women. They focus on super cool, soft bras for the customers. It provides an exclusive wide range of bras along with quality. The bras of this brand are not only high in comfort but also chic.

For your further information, Rosaline is a zivame’s private label bra brand. The prices for these branded bras are not too high; you can buy them at reasonable prices. The plus point of the branded bras is, they enhance the personality and confidence level. So make Rosaline the perfect option for you.

Enamor- Enamor brand bra is a bra you want to add to your wardrobe because this branded bra reflects a leading lady. Every woman in this world wants to live an independent and successful life. This bra feels like you achieved everything in your life. Enamor offers various sizes according to one’s body.

 The most valuable thing about this brand is that it updates all its items with the changes in the customers’ requirements. It provides a sexy and stylish look to all women at affordable prices. This bra can be considered as a blend of style and comfort. The Enamor brand was launched in 2003 and is leading  the market till 2021.

Amante-Amante is one of the best bra brands in India for ladies. After wearing an Amante bra, you will feel secure and confident, no matter where you are. It offers numerous categories and patterns. If you are looking for cotton, polyester, nylon, and other fabrics for bras, you can look for Emanate stores.

Triumph-The Triumph bra brand has its branches in 50 countries, and its headquarters is in Bad Zurzach(Switzerland). Triumph is a successful brand to deal with women’s underclothes and sleepwear. This brand is appreciated due to its high-quality stuff, comfortable level, fashion trends at economical prices. You can buy a stylish matching bra with your dress and piece of cloth to look beautiful. Triumph was started in the years and crossed its two decades of service. The elegant cuts on the bra give it a smooth appearance and trendy look.

Available categories under all brands-

All brands are known for their different bras, such as comfortable bras for beginners, padded bra, non-padded bra, molded bra, t-shirt bra, wired bra, wireless bra, strapless bra, sports bra, nursing bra, maternity bra, etc.

Patterns followed by all the best bra brands in India- All the brands follow the printed, floral, self-designed, solid pattern to take care of their customers.

Fabric- You can choose between nylon, polyester, cotton, synthetic and other latest fabrics.

Where to purchase branded bras?

 You can purchase the branded bras from your nearest shopping center or online sites such as Flipkart, Amazon, zivame, myntra, first cry, etc.

Final Words-In this blog, i have given you the ten best bra brands in India. All known bras are an essential part of a woman’s life and give many health benefits to the woman. You can choose the best bra according to your dress, skin, and comfort level. I hope this blog will be useful for you to choose the best brand for your bra. You can examine your body to select the perfect bra so that you can feel confident and positive.


What is the difference between a local and branded bra?

 The major difference between the local bra and the branded bra is ‘quality’.

A local bra does not provide you the quality of the product, whereas the brands ensure the best quality of a bra. In addition, a local bra may not be comfortable for your skin and can cause itching and irritation. However, branded bras are designed with soft fabric that is suitable for all skin types.

Which bra should I go for?

The bra you should go for depends on various factors, such as the dress you wish to wear, your skin type, and your size. You need to analyze your body’s requirements to choose the perfect fit for you.

Which brand is the best bra brand?

All the above brands are perfect in their way. But from all, the jockey is the all-rounder brand out of best bra brands in India. Jockey items are made up of soft fabric that does not irritate your body and skin. The jockey bra gives you enlightenment.

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