Best 5 Check Points For the Perfect Fit Bra

To shop for a perfect bra is not that easy because we need to consider various factors before buying an ideal option, such as breast size, cup size, straps flexibility.

Are you looking for the same?

Well, checkpoints are essential for a woman to buy a new bra because this is a matter of comfort and safety.

The importance of checking points is that it avoids the chances of getting embarrassed in front of others. In this blog, we will discuss the best 5 check points for the perfect fit bra you should consider while shopping for a bra.

After considering these checkpoints, we are sure you will choose the best option according to your size. These points will help you to understand the various factors such as bust size, band size, the fabric of the bra, design, etc.

So, consider the below checkpoints when you are going to buy a bra whether online or offline.

5 Points for the perfect fit bra

Your Size 

This factor is very obvious to know. You should know different sizes such as band size, cup size, and bust size. If you are confused about your size, then it will be difficult for you to buy a perfect bra. You need to know how to calculate your perfect size. Let’s have a look at calculating your bust size.

Band size: Take a measuring tape, put it around your back just below the breast, and note the value from the initial point to the final touchpoint. Let’s say the number you got is 32, then add 5 to this number.

Band size = 32+5 =37

Breast size: Now, put the same measuring tape around your bust line or above the trough/top of your breast. Now note down the bust size number. Let’s say it comes 34 (you need to consider your bust size in even numbers such as 32, 34, 36, etc.). If you got an odd number, then take the next number.


Cup Size: Cup size depends on the bust size and band size.

Cup Size = Band size- bust size

The difference in Band Size and bust size will let you know the perfect cup size.

Let’s calculate the cup size from the above numbers.

Band size=37

Bust size=34

Cup size= 37-34=3

We are giving you the cup sizes and checking the perfect cup size according to these.

                Difference                      Cup size
Less than 1 or 0.5 or 0 inch                      AA
1 inch                        A
2 inch                        B
3 inch                        C
4 inch                        D
5 inch                      E/ DD
6 inch                      F/DDD

Hence the bra size is 34 C according to the above considerations.


The second thing you need to remember is to check the support. When you are trying out a bra in a trial room, don’t forget whether your bra is providing you full support or not. Check which type of support you need and your bra gives you the same.


Look yourself in the mirror with a side pose and see your bustline; when it is between your bent elbow and shoulder, you are going on the right path; otherwise, if it falls lower, try for a new option.

To check the lift of the bra is very important for better fitness; when the bra lifts your busts upward and away from the body, this is a perfect fit for you.

Band and Cup Fitting

I hope you know how to measure your band and cup size from the above text. But never avoid checking for the best fitting in the changing room. Your band size neither be too loose nor tight(pinching and bulging). 

If the band is riding up when you raise your arm, then you need to go a small size of your band, and when your flesh is bulging out, try one more large size. In simple words, check if you are feeling comfortable or not. 

Whereas in the case of cup size, if your breast is going outside or spillover toward the neckline or underarms, then go for a large cup. On the other hand, if you have a gaping issue, then try for small cup size. If your breasts are resting properly in the cup, it means the cup size is perfect.

Straps Adjustment

Straps also lie in the 5 check points for the perfect fit bra. Ensure your straps are neither digging into your shoulder nor are they falling down again and again. Straps are the main part of your bra to give you better support.

 If your straps are loose, you can slide the adjustment sliders upto 2 fingers under the strap. If your 2 fingers can’t adjust here, it means your straps are too tight. So you need to loosen your 

straps and tighten it when they are loose, and you can lift the strap more than half an inch.

Note: Bra straps should comfortably stay on your shoulders. You also should know the band is responsible for the support, so the straps should not be too tight.


The next thing you need to ensure is your shape according to your body. Check whether your bust fits within your body frame or not. When you are trying on a bra in a changing room, look at the mirror and make sure your breast’s sides are not extending beyond your body’s frame.

If your breasts are too big, try to buy a bra with slings to get more support for the sides. 

You are shopping for a bra to look hot and sexy, so never compromise with the shape if you get all the factors correct. Because the shape can destroy your look completely and might embarrass you at any moment.

Other factors to consider

Apart from the 5 check points for the perfect fit bra you can consider some other factors for an ideal choice.

Sister Size

You should know your sister’s size to compensate for the size of different brands. If your size is not easily available, then it will help you. Women with larger bands and smaller cup sizes and smaller bands larger cup sizes can opt for sister size.


You should not ignore this factor when you are allergic to any specific fabric. Bras are available in different fabrics such as cotton, polyester, nylon, etc. If you know your skin properly, choose the suitable fabrics for you to avoid any type of itching and allergy. In case of any type of breast surgery, you can consult with the doctor.


The purpose is also an important factor to consider while looking for a perfect fit. If you are a sportswoman or a workout freak, you should go for a sports bra. On the other hand, if you are going for any occasion such as a birthday party and wedding, you can shop for a fancy and matching bra with your dress.

So these were the 5 checkpoints for the perfect fit and other factors to consider when to shop for a bra. When you consider these factors it helps you choose an ideal case for you. When you get your dream option, it enhances your confidence and personality.

Final Words

Everybody knows a bra is an essential part of a woman’s life, and women make various mistakes while choosing the right bra for them. They spend the money on the wrong choices and make their money waste. The wrong type of bra can cause discomfort and other unwanted issues such as sagging of breasts, pain, itching, etc. 

In this blog, we have given you the 5 checkpoints for the perfect fit and other factors to consider when you are going to buy a bra. Follow these points if you intend to look sexy and pretty. I hope this blog will be helpful for you whenever you are looking for the right bra.


Do we need to consider the brand when we want to shop for a new bra?

Well, it depends on you, if you believe the local market is unable to give you a quality product you can go for a branded one. The brand ensures the great quality of your products. So, if you consider quality over quantity, then buy a branded bra.

Which bra is perfect in simple words?

You are able to define a perfect bra from the 5 check points for the perfect fit given above. But if we talk about the overall features of a perfect bra, it should be comfortable and supportive. If your breasts are resting in the cups and straps fits properly with the fitness of the band, that is a perfect bra.

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